Quality Control

PSM is also equipped with different types of calibrated testing equipments to ensure Dimentional, Chemical and Mechanical properties of the products.

  • Mechanical Tester machines and equipments
    • 100 ton capacity Tensile Tester Machine
    • Stationary and Portable Hardness Tester for both Brinell and Rockwell methods
    • Complete range of Ring and Plug Guages for controlling the the Thread quality of all kinds of Internal and External Threaded products
    • Complete Dimentional inspection equipments including Calipers, Micrometers and complete types of gauges
    • Calibrated gauge blocks for testing Calipers, Micrometers and other equipments
    • Proof Load Tester Machine for checking the strength of internal threaded parts
  • Chemical Tester machines and equipments
    • Salt-Spray Tester Machine for testing the Corrosion Resistance of different kind of coating on fasteners and other parts
    • Coating Thickness Testers
    • Coating Tester Oven
PSM Proof Load MachinePSM Salt Spray MachinePSM Testing EquiomentsPSM Coating Tester Oven
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